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Just because you’re sick doesn’t mean you stop being a kid, and it shouldn’t mean missing out on all the fun of childhood. Starlight helps sick kids simply be kids. For us, it is essential to give back to the community, which is why we decided to raise funds to support the Starlight Children’s Foundation. The idea started with a simple idea of running a campaign to raise funds whilst asking our employees if they would consider participating by shaving or colouring their hair or beards. It was never mandatory for any one of our employees to participate, but it took no time at all for every single one of our employees to put their hand up for this fantastic cause. That’s right, over 40 people across our four branches took part and shved/coloured their hair or beards.

With the support of our employees, customer and local community groups, we raised a total of $28,415 for the starlight Children Foundation. We are so very honoured to have such a fantastic group of people working with us. So if you’re in the area, drop into one of our branches and tell them how great they look.

Ray Alberts – Shave
Doug Bradford – Shave head and beard
Mark Bradford – Shave head and beard
Korben Smith – Shave head and beard
Michael Atkins – Shave
Tyler Kimber – Shave
Joel Doumas – Shave
Phil Warner – Shave Beard
Sam Hall – Shave
Griffen Snell – Shave
Barry Mariu – Shave
Wayne Reynolds – Shave head and beard
Eamon Doherty – Shave
Craig Wynwood – Shave
Hazniel Tiara – Shave
Emmanual Santos – Shave
Mark Puls – Shave
Fanga Afimeimounga – Shave
Brodie Alberts – Shave
Michael Counsel – Shave
Sean Clark – Shave
Andrew Gibbs – Colour
Michael Porter – Colour
Michael Smith Gent – Shave
Matt Monroe – Colour
Rhys Alberts – Colour
Jessica Jonathan – Colour
Robert Gill – Colour
Leanne Reynolds – Colour
Jay Seery – Colour Beard
David Van Nieuwburg – Shave
John Byrne – Shave Beard
Cliff Salgado – Shave
Brendon Mills – Colour
Marie Tucker – Colour
Brett Hampson – Shave Beard
Kate Mitchell – Colour
Paras Shah – Shave Beard
June Bradford – Colour
Bill Campbell – Shave Head and Beard
Lydia Atmadji – Colour
David Ward – Shave
Travers Dann – Shave

We would also like to thank the following people and organisations for their time and efforts in our cause.

Tenderspot meat co for the bbq meat supply & a meat pack for the raffle.
Pilbara sparkle & shine Kaz for doing the clipping, Mick for doing the bbq & all the bread rolls & bread.
Mel & Greg doing the clipping &b bbq.
Damo for the PA man on the day.
Bishops Transport for 2 tickets to the October feast for the raffle
and to everyone that dug deep for the kids.

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